Subcontractor Claims

As a subcontractor, your business depends upon your reputation, as well as your income. If you find yourself in the position where either of these fundamentals is threatened by
a construction contract dispute, you can trust Kamine Law PC’s construction attorneys to remove the obstacles that are interfering in the success of your project and your business.

At Kamine Law PC we understand the unique situations that affect subcontractors, and we are committed to protecting your interests. Our construction law firm has extensive insider knowledge of any of the issues that could be affecting you as a subcontractor. We are experts at construction law, but our team of construction litigation attorneys has first-hand experience from the business and contracting side of the construction industry as well. Kamine Law PC is proud to say that our attorneys have been involved with California construction contracts and projects at all levels and from all angles. Our vast knowledge includes construction arbitration services, dispute avoidance and resolution, government contracts and claims, subcontractor substitution hearings, and construction disputes of all kinds. Attorneys in the firm are licensed in California and Colorado.

Subcontractor Cases

We are happy to support and defend your construction subcontractor claim. Our cases have upheld the legal rights of subcontractors regarding breach of contract issues such as extra work, differing site conditions, change orders, delays, acceleration issues, and stop notice actions. Furthermore, the firm is well-versed in all types of subcontractor claims, litigation and appeals, mechanic’s liens, construction contract litigation, material supplier claims, or-equal material substitutions, and bid protests.

Our construction litigation attorneys can provide assistance throughout all stages of a construction project, from bidding claims and contract consultation or review, or-equal submittals, payment and performance bond claims, and through to any stage of litigation that may become necessary, including verdict to appellate review.

Our firm is there for you when things go wrong, but we’re also there to help ensure that things go right. We’ve been proactive within the construction industry for more than twenty years, writing over a dozen bills that have been enacted into law and constantly working on additional legislation that will benefit subcontractors and other construction professionals.

Subcontractor Resources

With our firm’s strong history of legal activism within the construction industry, you can feel confident that Kamine Law PC  is committed to improving working conditions for you. You know that the final product in any project is only as good as its subcontractors, and we’re committed to helping you get the treatment and compensation that you have earned. Feel free to browse our publications and articles, which can guide you through issues such as bid protests, differing site conditions, extra work and change orders—the things that affect you most as a subcontractor.