Mechanics Lien California

Contractors, subcontractors, and property owners could all potentially encounter issues with mechanics liens. A mechanics lien places an encumbrance on the title of a property that is receiving improvements. With a mechanics lien in place, if the contractor, subcontractor, or materials supplier isn’t paid, the property could be forced into foreclosure to discharge those debts.  However, as with many disputes, the timing of the steps necessary to be successful with a lien, or avoiding a lien, is crucial.  Failing to meet just one of the many deadlines could result in a loss.

Mechanics Liens

For property owners who are building or improving real estate, you may find yourself in a position where contract disputes and non-payment between contractors and subcontractors could invoke issues with a mechanics lien on your property. You may be facing the danger of having your property lost to foreclosure, perhaps due entirely to non-payment between the contractor and subcontractors. Needless to say, mechanics liens can be immensely stressful. While this situation is regrettable, rest assured that our attorneys can step in and resolve this issue for you—returning the control of your real estate to you and removing the possibility of foreclosure. Whether you have a California mechanics lien or if the property is located out of state, our firm is ready to step in and help you remove such encumbrances.

Mechanics Lien Forms

If you’re a contractor, subcontractor, or materials supplier, you need to ensure that you are paid what is due to you. Our construction attorneys understand California’s mechanics lien forms and the process through which they are filed. The timing of a mechanics lien is very important, and our litigation attorneys can give you the best advice regarding mechanics liens and their ability to secure your compensation for the work that you will perform or have performed.

Our litigation attorneys are very familiar with the actions needed to defend the contractors who are protected under mechanics liens. Our firm is also prepared to protect the rights and income of subcontractors whose prime contractors did not pay, or didn’t pay promptly.

Nothing is more frustrating or financially damaging than performing your contracted services or delivering the appropriate goods, only to find that payment is not forthcoming. We can guide you through the process of safeguarding your income through a mechanics lien. Let us assist you in retrieving what you are owed!