Material Supplier Claims

As a materials supplier, you have some unique legal challenges. No construction project could ever get off the ground without the durable, material goods that provide the literal foundation of any construction undertaking. Kamine Law PC possesses in-depth knowledge about construction material supplies and the legal situations that can occur in regards to the vital role that you play in the construction industry. While material suppliers have time and labor invested in a construction project, they also need to protect and manage their inventory. Our construction law firm is prepared to support the claims that might arise for you.

Mechanics Lien for Material Suppliers

If you’re a material supplier who has delivered materials but has not been paid, our attorneys know how to support your claim. Material suppliers have a right to use a mechanics lien to enforce the timely payment of their bill. A mechanic’s lien places a restriction on a property’s title, preventing it from being sold until the debt for the materials supplied is discharged. If the outstanding debt remains unpaid, the property may be foreclosed upon as a method of paying what is owed on your supplies. The success of this method depends on whether the materials delivered were actually incorporated into the project, rather than simply delivered. Happily, these cases rest upon your ability to prove that the materials were delivered to the job site, since it is the burden of the other party to show that the materials were not incorporated.

Our firm understands the special considerations involving material suppliers and how the construction laws vary from state to state. You can trust Kamine Law PC’s knowledge about the construction industry laws regarding mechanics liens for material suppliers in California and Colorado.