Construction Change Orders

Change Orders are inevitable, but that doesnít mean that your construction contract covers it. When a project hits unexpected snags, a construction change order will most likely be necessary. Contract change orders can be the result of many factors. Whatever the cause of your change order, our construction law firm is prepared to help you cover all the angles in the event that contract changes become necessary. Kamine, P.C. can assist you with all aspects of construction change orders, from contract consultation and negotiation, to arbitration and mediation or court proceedings.

Contract Negotiation

Construction industry insiders know how complex most projects can be. Any construction project is a combination of careful planning, organization, and resource management. Oftentimes, things donít go as theyíre planned. Some common causes for change orders in construction are incorrect estimates, newly discovered obstacles, or additional features added once a project is underway. Furthermore, inefficiency on the part of any contracted party can lead to construction change orders involving extra time, money, or resources.

While these changes are understandable, a construction contract is a binding legal document. It is wise to allow skilled construction attorneys to assist and guide you through the process and help complete the paperwork involved in filing an officially submitted and approved construction change order form.

Although it seems like contract changes should be easily accomplished, more often than not, one or more sides involved in a project will attempt to change the terms of a contract without changing the contract itself. Extra work without extra pay, additional resources and additional expenses without reason or permission, or added features and altered schedules without warning are all unwelcome situations. If your working conditions are being altered from your contract without the proper negotiations and compensation, please consult us.

Even when a construction change order is filed properly, one or more parties may feel that there are inequalities. Mediation and arbitration may be necessary. Kamine, P.C.ís litigation attorneys regularly serve as arbitrators and mediators in American Arbitration Association proceedings. We are happy to apply our arbitration expertise to your construction contract change order, helping to ensure that all interested parties are adequately represented and compensated.

Change Order Forms

While some sites may offer a one-size-fits-all change order form template, large-scale projects would greatly benefit from the advice and guidance of a construction attorney. You can rely on our firmís specialized construction contract knowledge and experience to ensure that the construction change order forms are rigorously examined and properly filed, protecting all parties from any further contract disputes.