Construction Bid Protests

KAMINE LAW PC is an experienced construction law firm. Our team of bid protest attorneys has been seasoned by decades of professional practice as government lawyers, litigation attorneys, mediation and arbitration specialists, and construction industry legislation activists.

Due to our years in the industry, we understand that bidding is the primary source from which your company earns its revenue, and we realize that bid protests and bid disputes can cause serious delays.  Negotiations are essential to your company’s bottom line. Our construction litigation attorneys are experts who know every detail of the intricacies of the bidding process, and our firm knows the techniques that will help you win construction bids and successfully navigate through construction bidding disputes.

Our construction litigation attorneys regularly represent clients of all kinds on bid disputes, including issues such as challenging non-responsive bids or non-responsible bidders. Whether you’re dealing with a public agency or a private company, our firm knows how to help you challenge the low bid, as well as how to help you defend against a challenge. We know that bidding is vital to the growth of your business!

Construction Bid Protests

Our construction litigation attorneys understand the complicated system of bid protests and can assist you in any stage of this critical process. Are you the low bidder, but you’re being challenged? Are you the second (or third) lowest bidder, but you’d like to protest the bid? Kamine, P.C. is the ideal candidate to defend your case and promote your business. No one has more experience, more insider knowledge, or better strategies to help you win the bids that will help your company thrive.

In past cases, we have convinced trial court to compel rejection of the low bid on a $30,000,000 canal raising project and then convinced the agency to award the contract to the second low bidder. We defended an award of a $73,000,000 freeway interchange project against a court challenge by the second low bidder and convinced a county to reject all bids for a $30,000,000 food services contract for multiple county facilities and to issue a new request for proposals. Let us use our skills to your advantage!

Construction Bidding Resources

KAMINE LAW PC knows that successful bidding is the lifeblood of your business. Feel free to visit our resources and publications section to read our article, What you need to know about Bid Protests.  Our litigation attorneys can help you answer these important questions about bidding, as they pertain to your specific circumstances:

1. When is competitive bidding required?
2. Are there mandatory bid protest procedures or time limitations?
3. How do you look at more than just the low bid?
4. Why are bids subject to protest?
5. What are the costs and risks of bid protests?